About Us

Mid-Carolina Realty Group Inc.’s experience encompasses local, regional and North Carolina state wide Office Property, Investment Property, Retail Property and Franchise System Growth/ Site Analysis services.

Mid-Carolina Realty Group Inc.’s diverse business networks, unparalleled finance networks, extensive franchise system knowledge and a reputation for competence and integrity makes our firm an established leader in North Carolina’s commercial real estate industry. With many of our licensed professionals having trained in areas such as investment analysis, construction build out analysis, finance underwriting and franchise system growth and site analysis it has allowed us to set a high level of client services standards- delivering client desired results consistently in our history.

Founded in 1995, Sam G.Ballas, identified the need for a new and unique approach in commercial real estate services. It was the vision of redefining client expectations which drove the evolvement of our firms’ value proposition. Adding specific knowledge based Brokers, Broker networks and support staff over the last 20 years has created a unique synergy and a dedicated team in serving existing and new clients. Vet our firm when results are what count.

Mid-Carolina Realty Group, Inc.
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